Who we are

We’re two sisters who live and work in London and love to cook in our ‘rhubarb and custard’ kitchen.

Our ‘Rhubarb and custard’ kitchen…

We’ve been baking since before we can remember and love nothing better than whipping up a cake or a batch of biscuits. Since buying our flat in 2009 we’ve started to do more cooking rather than just basic baking. This blog will feature lots of these recipes. While we don’t confess to being skilled or even great at cooking were willing to give most things a go at least once, and this blog will show the results both good and bad! We’ll also share with you other food related endeavours, not just what we’ve been cooking and baking but also our favourite restaurants and markets.

We both write another blog so if you want to hear more of our generally ramblings about daily life, loves and our random thoughts then pay a visit to one (or both) of the blogs below.

This Rambling Corner                                  The Adventures of Fi

2 thoughts on “Who we are

  1. Good Morning

    My name is James Edwards and I work with MyChocolate; a specialist provider of chocolate making workshops in London.

    I’m excited to tell you about a fun infographic we’ve just created which acts as a ‘Guide to Chocolate’! It’s packed with interesting facts and statistics all about the history of this delightful food, the varied characteristics of the cocoa bean and the lesser known health benefits it holds.

    You can have a good look at it here: http://www.mychocolate.co.uk/2014/04/mychocolates-indulgent-guide-to-chocolate-infographic/

    Given the nature of your site, I thought that your readership would really like to have a look at it as well, so I’m offering it to you to use totally free of charge.

    The best way to go about doing that is to copy the embed code at the base of the infographic and place it anywhere you can put regular HTML.

    So may I ask if you’d be interested in using it on your website?

    If you could let me know your thoughts about this then I’d be very grateful.

    Kind regards,

    Outreach & Support
    Desk: 0203 4321 366
    4b Union Court, SW4 6JP

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