Stuff we like

The sites, shops, restaurants and cooking paraphernalia we love and couldn’t do without.

Cooking bits and bobs:

Russian doll measuring cupsThese are great! Not only do they look lovely in our kitchen, which is always a bonus but they are also easy to clean, perfect!

Garlic grater set We got this after our Mum raved about how useful it was. It’s a great way to peel and grate garlic cloves quickly and easily, ensuring that you are using the majority of the garlic. It’s also super easy to clean, which is a great bonus.

We got these stackable cooling racks from Lakeland last year, so handy for a small kitchen as the three stack on top of each other and therefore take up less space.

Ceramic Mixing Bowl – These bowls are absolutely fantastic, not only do they look great, they are also the perfect size for making and mixing cake batter. The other thing that is great about this bowl is the old school, nostalgic feelings that it evokes within me! I can vividly remember using these at primary school to make all sorts of things, and I love that they are now available for my very own kitchen.

Cath Kidtson Three Tier Cake Stand – Fi got given this for her birthday and it’s absolutley beautiful and the perfect thing for displaying scrumptious cakes on. It’s currently in pride of place on our window sill just waiting for the next round of cakes to be made!

Favourite Websites:

A great website for recipes. There is also a magazine and apps available. BBC Good Food.

A brilliant site with ingenious kitchenware that you never knew you needed – Lakeland

The Delicious. website is fantastic and great for finding new recipes, the magazine is pretty awesome too! Delicious.

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