Food Life Lately

Today’s post is basically about what we’ve been up to lately. The last couple of months have absolutely flown by and I feel like we’ve lots track of things quite a bit here. So with that in mind I decided to share all the foodie wonders that Fi and I have experienced lately. It’s mainly pictures, because let’s be honest pictures are the best!


Lunchtime park picnics from Pret


Pimms – the perfect summer cocktail


Afternoon tea in the garden – chocolate cake, marshmallow crispy, coffee and walnut cake, banana muffins and chocolate chip cakes.

Borough Market treats


Homemade Chinese chicken



Raw Cookie Dough


Double chocolate chip cookies

 Homemade hummus

Lunch at The Pepper Tree in Clapham IMG_3324

Caprese Salad


Homemade turkey burgers and sweet potato fries

Sunday breakfast at The Delaunay

So there we go. You’ve all been caught up on our recent foodie lives. Wasn’t that just a bundle of fun? All I know is that I am now hungry from looking at all that food!

Lau xxx


Brunch at Tom’s Kitchen

Let’s jump back to the beginning of January when I wrote the below review of my brunch with my family at Tom’s Kitchen, over on This Rambling Corner. I thought that seeing as this here blogalog is all about food and eating I should probably share it on here too. So here we go. Enjoy!

This time last week I was well on my way to a perfect Sunday. I had met up with my sister and Dad and we were running around London (FYI I love this city). Our route went a little like this; along the Southbank, across the Millenium Bridge, around St Paul’s, through the city to Farringdon tube (it’s the oldest in London you know), down to Aldwych, into Covent Garden, across Trafalgar Square, into St James’ Park and through Parliament Square before crossing the Thames at Westminster and running past the London Eye back to the Royal Festival Hall. Wow I’ve exhausted myself just typing that! Anyway back to the point of this post… So after we ran our 5 miles we had a quick wash up and change into ‘normal’ clothes before we met up with the Mumbles and youngest sister, who had been reading and revising in the RFH while we were running. The five of us headed for brunch at Tom’s Kitchen at Somerset House (see there’s the point of the post!) for a final brunch before returning to work, university and general life things. It was so much fun. And that’s what I wanted to discuss today; the wonderfulness that is brunch at Tom’s Kitchen.

This was my second trip to Tom’s Kitchen and it was just as good as the first. We were sat at a lovely round wooden table with booth type seating and even though it was 11am the restaurant really wasn’t that busy so we were served really quickly. Which was perfect as I was starving! Tom’s Kitchen only serves brunch on a Sunday but the brunch menu is extensive. Obviously you get the usual brunch menu options; eggs, french toast and bagels but they also serve salads, steaks, crab cakes and risotto too. Like I said so much choice! I opted for the Eggs Benedict as it’s my favourite breakfast food ever and this time it didn’t disappoint. I mean is there seriously anything better than a doughy english muffin, runny orange poached eggs smothered in hollandaise sauce and salty crispy bacon? Nope I don’t think so. Add in some freshly squeezed orange juice and this is definitely the best way to refuel after a Sunday run.

The rest of my family went for Eggs Royale, Toasted Bagel with Smoked Salmon (x2) and Scrambled Eggs on Toast, based on the speed at which we all finished our food I think it’s safe to say that all the dishes were delicious. Next time I go I think I’ll try the bagel as it looked so good and the salad that came with it had the most delicious dressing (I stole my sister’s as she doesn’t do salad). Although saying that I did see another tables order of Belgian waffles and they also looked good. Hmm decisions, decisions, I think it’s safe to say that you can’t go wrong with the food choices here and that I should go there more often!

Below are a few pics of some of the food, I’m afraid I don’t have a photo of everything consumed as some people just ate too fast!

eggs benedict

toasted bagel with cream cheese and smoked salmon & berry smoothie

I think we can all agree that Sunday’s don’t get better than delicious brunches and energetic runs – at least in my humble opinion. But what do you think? Any lovely London brunch places that I must try? Or has anyone else ever been to Tom’s Kitchen and can recommend any of the other dishes there?

Laura xx

Brunch at Tom’s Kitchen was originally posted on This Rambling Corner on Sunday 12th January 2014

April round up

Fi and I were having a bit of a chat the other day about this here blogalog and brainstorming ideas for the next set of posts. We always like to have a few things in the works ready to go so it helps to chat things over and get planning. You’ve probably noticed that Fi always ends up writing more things, it’s because she’s more organised (or I’m lazy) but I’m trying to improve myself here – hence the chattering and planning! Anyways we came upon the idea of a monthly round up of any food related shenanigans – eating out, new recipes, new shops discovered, that sort of thing. So welcome to the first in the series…

3 new recipes tried – Fruit smoothies, Red Velvet Cheesecake squares (coming soon), Chewy Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Cookies

3 doughs made – pizza dough, a seeded loaf and a plain white loaf

2 brunchesRiding House Cafe and Tom’s Kitchen at Somerset House

10 meals out – including Yo Sushi!, Zizzi’s, Leon and The Diner

5 new dining experiences – Tom’s Kitchen, The Seahorse, Cafe at The Medicine Garden, The Riding House Cafe and The Wolseley.

Okay so it looks like we’ve eaten out a lot this month – but I’m blaming that on our birthday fun as 7 of those meals out were part of birthday celebrations. Let’s hope May isn’t the same as I’m not completely sure my bank balance can handle it!

We also seem to be a bit low on the new recipes front, again I’m blaming that on the birthday too – any one else seeing a theme here? We do plan on getting these newly mentioned recipes written up and on the blog soon.

Lau xxx

The Riding House Cafe

After last’s week’s post about the numerous brunch venues in contention to help us kick off our day of birthday fun it might surprise you that we did actually make a decision in the end. We even managed to get organised a few days before and actually book somewhere, this is a big change from the usual last minute scramble to find a table at any restaurant without a long queue!

We ended up deciding on The Riding House Cafe on Great Titchfield Street. Why did we decide on this one? Well firstly we thought we’d try something new, secondly this place had been recommended by a few people who work nearby and finally because I read a review about the decor and I was intrigued.

Well this restaurant did not disappoint in any respect. The menu was delicious, the decor fun and quirky and the service extremely efficient. Plus the toilets were great too. Yes I do judge a restaurant on it’s toilets and these matched the rest of the decor, in fact they’d even put a brass box around the hand dryer. Also there was the most delicious smelling hand soap and hand cream. Yes I might have spent a long time afterwards sniffing my hand just to get a whiff of the lavender goodness!

So to the most important question, what did we eat? Well you can check out the menu here. I chose the Rickshaw juice and the smoked salmon and scrambled eggs. Fi opted for the Eggs Benedict and a stabiliser juice. We also had coffee and tea too. Plus the wait staff were continually popping over to top up our glasses with ice cold tap water – I love that, it’s a small thing but it’s nice not having to ask for water every five minutes!

As for the decor there was lots of different seating options, round booths, fun bar stools, comfy velvet chairs and one really long table with a bank of old wooden football seats on either side – genius. Plus there were tap light fixtures for the kitsch lampshades and stuffed squirrels climbing the wood panelling on the walls.

We even managed to take a few pics of the food and things so feast your eyes on our trip to The Riding House Cafe below.

– Lau xxx

p.s. I am definitely going to be scheduling a visit again soon if anyone fancies it.


Birthday brunch plans

Exciting things are to come later this week. You see Friday will be our birthday – yippee! Yes Fi and I are (almost) another year older and wiser. One thing you need to know about me is that I LOVE my birthday, so much so in fact that I still count down the number of sleeps when it gets to within a month. Yes, I’m that cool!

Anyway this Friday we have both decided to take the day off and mooch around London. The plan is a lie in, followed by presents, then brunch, then a few hours wandering around museums – The Natural History Museum and The V & A (my personal favourite) before dinner, cocktails and hopefully a trip to the theatre – we’re going to do the whole tickets on the day thing so hopefully we’ll pick up a good show at bargainaous prices!

So my main priority right now is to decide on somewhere for brunch, somewhere either central (to get the theatre tickets) or close to the museums (South Kensington). Here are my options so far.

Le Pain Quotidian – This chain of Belgian cafes is one of Fi’s favourite places to go. We had a Mother’s Day brunch at the Covent Garden branch and I can attest to just how good the Eggs Benedict is. There’s also a branch in South Ken, so we could go to either.

V&A cafe – Apparently the first cafe inside a museum. This cafe is gorgeous – all glass chandeliers and delicious food, but it’s always busy and you can’t book. Maybe a place to stop off for tea and cake mid-afternoon instead.

The Riding House Cafe – A tip from a friend, the menu here looks amazing. They have everything; museli, pancakes, eggs. Possibly too much choice?

The Diner – Definitely a favourite for evenings, i’d love to go here for breakfast. Not only do they have all the usual American breakfast foods – pancakes and maple syrup with bacon, breakfast burrito and french toast, but there’s also the matter of the vanilla milkshakes with a shot of peanut butter – a perfect start for a birthday surely?!

The Breakfast Club – Yet another recommendation, there are a few of these throughout the city and all reviews are good. It’s certainly tempting. Although there’s no online menu which is a tad annoying.

Now to make a decision, wish me luck with that! Something tells me it’s not going to be that easy. Any thoughts or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. We will make sure we let you know what we decide.

Lau xxx