March foodie round-up

It’s the end of the month again – where does the time go? So as it’s the end of March it means it is time for a quick foodie round up. Yay for that! So without further ado here’s a run down of everything that has been cooked, baked and eaten in the marvellous month of March.

Cooked & Baked
cheese strawspastry pinwheelschicken & mushroom soup piemini egg blondies, creme egg brownies, mug cakes, chocolate and banana cake (coming soon) and lemon and lime poppyseed cake (also coming soon).

Harrison’sBrasserie Zedel, Nachos @ the Marquis of Anglesey, La Meridiana in Horsley for carb loading before a half marathon, Carluccio’sNineteen Ten, Iced coffees galore, the biggest pizza ever from Costco, Ikea meatballs, chips and gravy – EPIC!, Post marathon roast chicken, The Riverfront, brunch at Del ‘Aziz (again) and our first barbecue of the year – hooray!

 Here’s to some equally awesome baking and eating in April!

Lau xx


A little February round-up

So another month has flown by and we’re now about to embark on March – what the actual what is going on with that?! How on earth is this year going so fast – crazy times indeed! As is the CBE way we need to round-up all our cooking, baking and eating loveliness in one post, so here goes!

We started this month with an awesome long weekend in the Peak District, which basically revolved around food… We started with a Wagamama’s, where we all tried something new, all of which were scrumptious. My dish was the Chicken Teriyaki, scrumptious! This was swiftly followed by (in no particular order) homemade lasagna, American sweets, coffee in our wellies, pulled pork, cooked breakfasts and pancakes, homemade veggie soup, doorstop sandwiches, a chinese takeaway, crisps, biscuits, bourbon brownies and a rediscovery of scrumptious Shreddies. It really was an amazing weekend of food stuffs!

Apart from a weekend of food in the Peak District our foodie month has been made up of:

  • Cooking a ham, chicken, leek, mushroom and mushroom soup pie
  • Blending tonnes of smoothies
  • Treating ourselves to a cooked breakfast (for lunch) after epic runs
  • Sampling our very first Chicken Balti Pukka pie at the football
  • Baking chewy chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies (recipe here)
  • Eating out at Bill’s, Wahaca, Nando’s, Del’Aziz and Camellia’s Tea House
  • Tucking into the biggest roast chicken with all the trimmings courtesy of the parentals
  • Being good and taking salads for lunch
  • Remembering how perfect an iced coffee can be with our first ones of 2014

Phew, what a month for food – no wonder I’m so exhausted after all of that lot! What about you what have been your top food moments from the last month?

– Fi xx

December Eats

Greetings chums, here’s a quick round up of what we managed to cook, bake and eat in December. It was the time of Christmas cheer and food so it was quite a lot obviously! Here’s hoping January doesn’t look quite this bad!

Sherry log
Sticky ginger cake (yes again)
Turkey Enchiladas

Baked – fyi, most of these are mentioned in the Christmas baking post.
Reindeer cupcakes
Mince pies
Mince pie fudge
Vanilla fudge
Snowman bread
Gingerbread star tree
Sausage Rolls
Baby shower cupcakes – with homemade chocolate buttons

Bill’s Christmas lunch
Bill’s brunch
Busaba Eathai
Wooton Hatch
60th Birthday Cake
Christmas Sandwiches
Christmas Dinner
Honey glazed gammon
Chicken, Ham and Leek Pie
Mulled Wine

I also need to tell you about a rum liqueur we discovered over Christmas. Some of our Australian family gifted us this Bundaberg rum liqueur that is chocolate and coffee flavour – they live in Bundaberg so it was an inspired gift idea. Now first impressions; rum? yuck. Smell? Yuck, but taste wise this is absolutely delicious with coke (or diet coke if your us). I highly recommend it, my sisters and I managed to get through most of the bottle over the Christmas period and we even got other family members trying it too.


Phew, that’s an awfully long list! Mostly sweet stuff and eating out it seems, but hey it was December which is always a busy month full of eating out. The fact of the matter is that when we weren’t out and about we were basically just exhausted and not fancying cooking. That and soup this time of year, is just one of my favourite things! What delights has everyone else been cooking, baking and eating?

Lau xxx

p.s. sorry about the lack of photos, we both took loads over the holiday break, but none seem to be of food!

July’s cooking, baking and eating round up

July is over already, how has that happened? We all know by now that today’s post is all about the things we’ve been cooking, baking and eating this month.

To start with what have we cooked? Well honestly this month has mainly been about the salads and fresh bread and cheese. There’s something about the British summer time that invites long lazy delicious suppers into my brain (and stomach). So we haven’t actually cooked a huge amount of anything, there’s been baked potatoes and salad, cheese and biscuits, chunky sandwiches and quiches. Plus pasta too.

Again not much baking has happened. Can you believe no bread has been made? What a travesty. That must be rectified in August. We’ve baked chocolate and marshmallow fluff pie (post coming soon), a peanut butter chocolate cake and lots of peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes.

Just like last month the two of us have eaten out loads! It must be a summer sunshine thing. There’s been…

  • The Falcon – burgers = delicious
  • Eddie Rockets, Dublin – great diner fare
  • Tante Zoe’s, Dublin – crazy waitress and bad service but the food was good
  • Wallace’s Taverna, Dublin – perfect pizza
  • Dublin Airport – good coffee and fresh cakes – while watching the Wimbledon final
  • Copious amounts of iced vanilla lattes for me
  • Picnics in Green Park and on Clapham Common
  • Barbecues at the parentals x3
  • Drinking Guinness at the Guinness Storehouse – and pouring our own pints!
  • Lunches at the Shake Shack – newly opened in Covent Garden and so good. Try the peanut butter milkshake
  • The Diner (again)
  • Mussels at Belgo
  • Pizza at Zizzi’s

Lau xxx

April round up

Fi and I were having a bit of a chat the other day about this here blogalog and brainstorming ideas for the next set of posts. We always like to have a few things in the works ready to go so it helps to chat things over and get planning. You’ve probably noticed that Fi always ends up writing more things, it’s because she’s more organised (or I’m lazy) but I’m trying to improve myself here – hence the chattering and planning! Anyways we came upon the idea of a monthly round up of any food related shenanigans – eating out, new recipes, new shops discovered, that sort of thing. So welcome to the first in the series…

3 new recipes tried – Fruit smoothies, Red Velvet Cheesecake squares (coming soon), Chewy Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Cookies

3 doughs made – pizza dough, a seeded loaf and a plain white loaf

2 brunchesRiding House Cafe and Tom’s Kitchen at Somerset House

10 meals out – including Yo Sushi!, Zizzi’s, Leon and The Diner

5 new dining experiences – Tom’s Kitchen, The Seahorse, Cafe at The Medicine Garden, The Riding House Cafe and The Wolseley.

Okay so it looks like we’ve eaten out a lot this month – but I’m blaming that on our birthday fun as 7 of those meals out were part of birthday celebrations. Let’s hope May isn’t the same as I’m not completely sure my bank balance can handle it!

We also seem to be a bit low on the new recipes front, again I’m blaming that on the birthday too – any one else seeing a theme here? We do plan on getting these newly mentioned recipes written up and on the blog soon.

Lau xxx