January 2014 Eats

Hello lovely people and welcome to our little update on what foody delights have been occurring with us this month. Wow January has been a long month, but as you can see we’ve mainly managed to survive it by eating lots of yummy things! Yay to us right.

January Eats

RSC#5 – Cod with bacon and a tomato sauce
Butternut squash pasta
Butternut squash risotto
Steak and potato wedges – the stuff of dreams!

Apple and Blackberry Crumble
Bourbon Biscuit brownies (as see on this rambling corner)
Avocado brownies
Bread & Rolls
Granola (coming soon I promise!)

Dinner at Five Guys
Pizza and quiz fun at the Elephant on the Hill
Brunch at Tom’s Kitchen. Look out for a post about this soon.
Drinks at the Tinder Yard
Dinner at The Seahorse Pub (One of our favourite places ever – their sticky toffee pudding is to die for)
Lunch at Denbies Vineyard

What about you lovely people? What have been your food highlights this month?

Lau xxx


August baking and eatings

Yes, it’s that time again! A new month, means a recap on what the two of us have been eating, the restaurants we’ve visited and of course what we’ve been cooking. So what have Fi and I been up to this month foodwise?

Well in Wales there was vegetarian lasagna of amazingness (as mentioned here), butter buns (extreme levels of delicious) and welsh cakes by the dozen (not even slightly exaggerating here), which reminds me we really should make our own soon….

Then we were in Leeds where we had a delicious Thai meal and a relaxing picnic in Roundhay Park.

Aside from the eating out while we were away we also managed to make it to The Yard, Shake Shack, The Seahorse Pub, Flutes at Wembley Stadium, Five Guys, Wagamamas and Del ‘Aziz. Not bad for a month between the two of us!

Now for cooking and baking ourselves there’s definitely been more going on this month in comparison to July. We cooked up some turkey burgers with friends in Leeds. Then we both made cakes at seperate times for sharing with work people. I picked whoopie pies to make, you can check out our original whoopie pie post here and my updated one from this time of baking them here. Fi made herself (and her work friends) some oreo brownies from a Lorraine Pascale recipe.

Also this month we’ve started a new cooking challenge – read more on that here and keep your eyes peeled for the recipes that came out of this challenge.

Plus in other baking related news the wonderful show that is The Great British Bake Off is back. Yippee!! We both just love this show!

What about you lovely people, how has your month of food been?

Lau xxx

Lau’s favourites – eating out

So it looks like it’s my turn to discuss my favourite eateries, here we go…

  • The Diner – This is the go to place whenever the youngest sisterling is in town because sometimes you just can’t beat a burger and fries, and one things for sure sometimes that’s just what you fancy!
  • The Cinnamon Club – I’ve been here a few times for special occasions and I love it. The tastes and flavours in the Indian cuisine are gorgeous and the setting of the restaurant inside the old Westminster Library is pure genius as the walls of books adds something to the decor. Plus there’s a lovely bar downstairs which serves delicious cocktails – always a winner with me!
  • Eat – There just so happens to be an eat right across from my office and it’s become somewhat of a Monday morning ritual to check out the weekly soup and hot pots menus to work out what days I will be buying my lunch from there. My favourites are the Mac and Cheese hotpot, the lentil and smoky bacon soup. Plus they do a delicious turkey, spinach and cranberry sandwich.
  • Yo Sushi! – So i’m a big big fan of this sushi bar. It’s got a great menu with a wide selection of foods, they make it easy to work out the prices of all the dishes by the different coloured plates on the belt and they do great deals. Not only is there the weekly Blue Plate Monday deal but they sent you a voucher when it’s your birthday to enjoy a 1/3 off your bill. Why thank you very much!
  • Pret – Another eatery close to work this is also perfect for lunchtime offerings. It’s always a toss up between the chicken caesar and bacon artisan baguette or one of the salads from here. Plus Godfrey the gingerbread man always manages to find his way into my hands!
  • Nandos – Who doesn’t love chicken and chips? I was first introduced to Nandos way back at uni and ever since then I have been a Nandos convert. There’s just something about this simple menu and the ordering. Basically choose the spice of your chicken, what you want the chicken in (burger, salad, wrap, pitta, nothing) and then choose your sides. That’s it sorted. Plus i’m a tad obsessed with the perinaise.

So it turns out that there aren’t too many similarities between our two lists. I’m actually quite surprised by that as I was expecting to see more of the same places if i’m honest.

Lau xxx

Fi’s Favourites – eating out

So Lau and I thought it might be a good idea to start a ‘Favourites’ section on the blog, where we can share some of our favourite restaurants, foods and treats with you all. We thought it’d be interesting to note them all down and see how similar or different these favourites are, and also how much they change over time. So first up we’ll each look at our favourite eating out spots. So mine are:

  • Bill’s – I’m sure I must have mentioned my obsession with this restaurant before, after all it’s a go-to restaurant for work lunches or meetings. With scrumptious food like haloumi and hummus burgers, classic doorstop fish finger sandwiches and warm chocolate brownie with vanilla ice cream it’s certainly a must visit when you’re nearby. They also sell lots of gorgeous food like chutney, pasta and sauces, so you can try some delicious cooking at home – win win! Plus the decor and feel of the restaurant is so chilled out and relaxed, so you can sit over a drink or pudding for an age without feeling rushed. 
  • The Diner – My obsession with this restaurant is certainly no secret – I think I’ve been about five times this year alone. Sometimes you just need a cheeseburger, fries and vanilla milkshake (with added peanut butter of course) and there really is nowhere better than The Diner on Shaftesbury Avenue for that American experience!
  • Leon – I’m a sucker for their Sweet Potato Falafel, aioli chicken, haloumi and brown rice what can I say. Also because all the food is without additives and other bad stuff I feel like I’m making a good choice when I go here. Even if I go for the chocolate brownie. At least it’s wheat and gluten-free I suppose!
  • The Laughing Buddha – This is the local Chinese where I grew up and I can’t even guess how much birthdays or special occasions have seen us at this restaurant. Honestly, I think this restaurant has spoilt me for life as their Lemon Chicken, Seaweed, Crispy Duck and Sweet and Sour Chicken are out of this world and I’ve yet to find a place in London that even comes close to making it as well as they do. Woe is me!
  • Sandbanks – This beachside restaurant on the Algarve Coast is wondrous. It’s the first place we head to when we land in Faro, as the spicy wedges, salads, club sandwich and chicken and avocado wraps are legendary. Not to mention their fresh orange juice and pancakes with banana and chocolate sauce. And with a gorgeous view over looking the beach and sea, it can’t be beaten when the weather is glorious.
  • Ripley Curry Garden – The most delicious curry in all of Surrey can be found at this small restaurant. It’s everything you’d expect in a family run restaurant – small, friendly and with the most mouth-watering food. Whilst I don’t go for the most exciting of Indian dishes – Onion Bhaji, Bombay Aloo and Chicken Korma – they are all absolutely delicious.

I’m sure I’ve forgotten some really excellent restaurants that I love, so perhaps I’ll have to do a second part to this post in the not too distant future. Now I wonder what Lau might choose as her favourites? I’m certain she’ll choose one or two that overlap with mine, but I wonder what else will feature?

April round up

Fi and I were having a bit of a chat the other day about this here blogalog and brainstorming ideas for the next set of posts. We always like to have a few things in the works ready to go so it helps to chat things over and get planning. You’ve probably noticed that Fi always ends up writing more things, it’s because she’s more organised (or I’m lazy) but I’m trying to improve myself here – hence the chattering and planning! Anyways we came upon the idea of a monthly round up of any food related shenanigans – eating out, new recipes, new shops discovered, that sort of thing. So welcome to the first in the series…

3 new recipes tried – Fruit smoothies, Red Velvet Cheesecake squares (coming soon), Chewy Chocolate Chip and Peanut Butter Cookies

3 doughs made – pizza dough, a seeded loaf and a plain white loaf

2 brunchesRiding House Cafe and Tom’s Kitchen at Somerset House

10 meals out – including Yo Sushi!, Zizzi’s, Leon and The Diner

5 new dining experiences – Tom’s Kitchen, The Seahorse, Cafe at The Medicine Garden, The Riding House Cafe and The Wolseley.

Okay so it looks like we’ve eaten out a lot this month – but I’m blaming that on our birthday fun as 7 of those meals out were part of birthday celebrations. Let’s hope May isn’t the same as I’m not completely sure my bank balance can handle it!

We also seem to be a bit low on the new recipes front, again I’m blaming that on the birthday too – any one else seeing a theme here? We do plan on getting these newly mentioned recipes written up and on the blog soon.

Lau xxx

Kitchen wish list!

Here at Cook, Bake and Eat Towers we’re being thrifty, which means buying things that aren’t essential is a no-go. And apparently cookie cutters, ceramic jars and other pretty, and not to mention practical things, are off-limits for the time being. Very sad times indeed! As is often the case as soon as I’m not allowed to do something I have a huge desire to do it. One that just won’t be ignored. So rather than allowing myself to go crazy with my credit card – as that would be against our January and February thriftiness – I’ve decided to pull together a bit of a kitchen wish list. Below are all the things I want to buy right now but won’t, but when it’s non-thrifty March who knows…..

– Fi x

Eiffel Tower Tea Towel – Wildlife Storage Tins (cute or what?!) – Letter Pressed Cookie Cutters – Sundae Glass (I think I’d like at least 4) – Owl Cookie Jar – Biscuit Pocket Mug – Retro Print Tea Towel – Ceramic Jar with blackboard paint labels (AMAZING) – Crimped Rectangle Dishes (such cute colours!)- Bourbon Cream Silicone Cake Mould – Bamboo Chopping Board – Cake Dome

Favourite Foods…

We’ve been having a bit of a discussion – and by discussion I mean argument! – recently about our favourite foods. You see we may be twins but when it comes to the important things (like food) we just can’t seem to agree. I love apple pie, Fi likes apple crumble, she prefers mashed potato and I like baked. She loves peanut M&M’s, I love plain. She loves bananas and they make me feel ill – yuck! It goes on and on like this and I find it odd. How does this happen, how do children (yes, we’ve been like this for years) who grew up on the same foods have such different taste buds?

Honestly I’m sure there’s a list of studies as long as my arm that could explain it to me. But we eventually decided that we shouldn’t be focusing on the things we disagree on, because let’s be honest I know that Fi will never be able to convince me that Steak and Kidney pudding tastes good, just like she’ll never believe me when I say that strawberries and cream is hands down the best summer pudding ever (it is by the way – it should be a law or something). It’s just not going to happen, so maybe we should stick to the foods that we can agree on, because when we actually started talking about it, it turns out that there are a lot more dishes that we both love. Surprisingly enough they are all home cooked meals, don’t get me wrong we’ve both had some delicious restaurant fare, but it seems that, at least for us, homecooked is best. The list goes a little something like this:

Mum’s Lasagne
Dad’s Roast Dinner
Fi’s Brie, Ham and Mango Chutney paninis
Mum’s Profiteroles
Nanna’s Sausage Rolls
Lau’s Gingerbread
Dad’s Chicken and Ham Pie
Mum’s Chocolate Cake
Dad’s Coronation Chicken
Lau’s Risotto
Fi’s Sponge Cake (from the celebration cake)

Yes, you’ve spotted it, most seem to be made by one of our parents – I think it’s clear to see where our food obsession comes from! In fact one motto in our family is ‘live to eat, not eat to live’ and in this case ‘bake’ and ‘cook’ could easily be switched in!

I’m also pleased to announce that while we were at home this weekend for birthday celebrations, we managed to squeeze in 3 items from the list above; Roast Dinner, Sausage Rolls (made by Dad, but using Nanna’s recipe – in fact apparently Nanna observed the baking over Skype!) and finally Fi’s Sponge Cake was used as the basis of THE BIRTHDAY CAKE – yes capital’s are needed as it was a pretty special birthday cake that the three Evans sisters made for our Mum. We’ll post about this soon….