Review – The Riverfront

Last week Fi and I joined the parental units for an evening of theatre at the National. We are all a bit obsessed with the National Theatre, due, in equal parts, to the stunning river location and the ever changing selection of superb and entertaining plays. I highly recommend seeing a play there if you can. Anyway before we headed into the Olivier Theatre to watch A Small Family Business we headed for food. Obviously. I mean it’s what we do!

We decided to meet (and eat) at a new favourite of ours, The Riverfront. The Riverfront is part of the BFI and is situated right under Waterloo Bridge, which also happens to be next to The National Theatre – handy that! The building has glass walls so you can spend hours just watching the world pass by, and there are deckchairs outside if that’s what you fancy. It was raining (of course) so we headed inside and got situated with ginger beer and Victorian lemonade – we are British after all! 

Now to the food. Well we decided to share a tomato bruschetta and a baked provolone cheese with honey. Both of which we’ve had before and loved. The tomato brushetta is made form heritage tomatoes, so you get the lovely orange and yellow tomatoes involved too. Nom nom. Add the provolone cheese is seriously to die for with the most amazing crusty, chewy rind on it. For mains I can definitely recommend the pulled pork and bacon burger. It comes in a delicious brioche bun with a mini bucket of chips on the side. The rest of the party sampled the beef burger and the fish and chips. From previous visits we can also suggest sampling the Caesar salad and the sausage and mash. Basically this place is all about good British food, done very very well.

Another quirky thing to mention is that as this restaurant is situated in the BFI you get announcements to let you know when films are about to start – such a clever and fun idea.

Lau xx


A call for advice…

Greetings my favourite lovely people. We have a big favour to ask you all. We are after some information about Gluten Free eating in the UK (mostly London). Our lovely cousin and his wife are arriving in the UK for a few weeks on Sunday and they are both Gluten Free. Now the whole Evans family want to be as accommodating as possible so we’ve been reading around the subject and found lots of interesting stuff. In fact, we’ll be testing out these GF Bourbon biscuits in the not so distant future so keep an eye out for those.

Amazingly Pizza Express have just launched their GF menu, it’s like they knew we would have cause for it soon, weird right. But I’m wondering if there’s anything anyone else can share that maybe we haven’t found via Google. For example any great GF restaurants that they should check out when they’re here. Any bad experiences with places that they should definitely avoid? Or any hidden GF shops that they should peruse?

Any help would be muchly appreciated.

Thank you Lau xxx